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What we do

Crew My Run is a shuttle service provided by trail runners, for trail runners to some of the most scenic point-to-point trail runs in the country. By keeping our group sizes small, we can crew your run into national parks, national monuments, state parks, and wilderness area where limited use restrictions are in place to help preserve the beauty of the land.

Most trail runners are NOT looking for a guiding service- especially on the well marked trails that we provide access to. You are at your element in the backcountry and don’t need anyone to hold your hand.   What you do need is an early ride out to the trailhead and a custom pick up time- something most shuttle companies don’t offer for the trails that we are most interested in running.

We will drop you off at point A, pick you up at point B, and even meet you mid-run with lunch and a re-supply when we have an access point available.  (This will enable you to shed extra weight and have any custom aid or gear delivered that you’d like to have waiting for you.)  Under these circumstances, most trail runners are capable of covering as many miles in a day as the average backpacker covers in a week.

Now you can stop inconveniencing your friends and family to come along and crew your long runs. We will save you loads of time and headache in preparation and in some cases even money when compared to what it might cost if you were to try and put it all together on your own.  Often, the best part of the experience are the friendships formed or strengthened with fellow ultrarunners in the group.

We’ll always have a great selection of food and drinks waiting for you at our mid-run meet up point (a “backcountry aid station” if you will) as well as at the pickup point at the end of the day.

We are also available for custom crewing at events or a run of your design, just send an email to with a proposed itinerary and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

We look forward to taking part in your adventure by crewing your run!

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