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Why aren’t there specific dates open for registration?

You will specify the date(s) that you’d like to run when you submit your registration request.  In order for an event to be a “go”, there needs to be at least 3 runners registered for it (4 for Rim to Rim runs).  If there are less than 3 people registered within 90 days of the date(s) that you’ve requested, we’ll let you know what options are available for joining other groups.

Does it cost anything to submit a registration request?

No.  Registration requests help us to gauge interest for and organize runners into groups for an event.  Once an event is a confirmed “go”, you’ll be asked to make your first payment.

When and how do I pay?

Not until after the event has been confirmed a “go” (meaning that it has the minimum number of runners registered.)  Once a trip is a confirmed “go”, a minimum payment of half of your balance is due to secure your place.  The remaining half of your balance will be due 30 days prior to the event date.  We will be in touch via email as we plan the trip itinerary with you and will remind you of the 30 day due date during the planning process.   A Paypal link will be added to the website soon to accept online payments or you can make a check out to Ultra Adventures, LLC and mail it to 810 S. Peachtree, Toquerville, UT 84774.

Will you open up new areas to run in the future?

If there’s a demand.  Please let us know where you’d like to see us expand to next and we’ll look into it.  If you’ve already got a group of runners together for the run you’d like to do, it’s likely that we can make it happen.

Is a GPS device required to participate in a Crew My Run event?

No, but they are recommended.  You take full responsibility for the route finding on your run.  Crew My Run is not responsible for anything that happens to you between the drop off and pickup points on your run.  GPX files have been provided for each run.  Guidebooks and online information are plentiful for each of the areas that we run in, and we encourage runners to get familiar with the trails they’ll be running ahead of time.  You’ll be provided with a hiking map for the run to help keep you on course.

What kind of assistance does Crew My Run offer in the event of an emergency?

If a runner fails to make it to a determined checkpoint or the end of the run, we will get the message out to appropriate officials as quickly as possible.

Upon registration, the runner signs a waiver agreeing to pay all evacuation costs, just as any hiker/trail user would.  Crew My Run is only a shuttle service, not a guiding service, and takes no responsibility for injuries occurring between the drop-off and pick-up points on a run.

Do you have cutoff times?

Yes.  Normally an 20-25 min/mile pace will be used to calculate cutoff times, depending on how rugged the terrain is.  Exceptions can be made to cutoff times if you let us know ahead of time.

Do I need to have run a 50K/50miler/100 miler in order to participate in a Crew My Run event?

In most cases,the answer is “yes”.  For events under 30 miles, runners must have completed a trail 50K.  For events over 30 miles or multi-day events, runners are required to show completion of a trail 50 mile (or greater) running event.

Where do I get picked up for the run?

We can pick you up from the airport, at a hotel, or we can meet near the trailhead on the morning of the run.  Here’s a list of hotels in Springdale for those running in Zion/Bryce/Grand Canyon.

Can I bail out early if I’m having a bad day and there’s a checkpoint along the way?  What if I only want to run a section of the trail?

Not a problem. Some runners choose to stay with the vehicle and run shorter routes of their design which start and finish near our pick up points on days that they’re not feeling up for a long run.

What do you recommend that I carry on me at all times?

– Enough water to keep you hydrated between water sources.

– Something to treat water along trail.

– Enough calories to get you through the day (we’ll provide gels and electrolyte drink mix that you can stock up on before hitting the trail- any other calories you’d like to carry will be up to you.)

– A GPS device.

– Some kind of light weight rain gear.

– A lightweight headlamp or flashlight

What will you have available at the checkpoint?

Anything that you want to leave with us to have delivered.  We’ll also have the following items with us in case you need them:

– Ibuprofen

– Moleskin

– Duct tape

– Bodyglide

– First aid kit

– Baby wipes

– Pain relief cream

– Pocket knife

– Sunscreen

– Insect repellant

– Toilet paper

– Salt caps

– Gels

– Electrolyte drink

– Water

– Lunch!

Will runners receive T-shirts?

No, but they will receive a CrewMyRun visor.

Do I need a sleeping bag for multi-day runs?

When camping is part of the itinerary, such as the Wonderland Trail, then yes.  We will provide the memory foam mattress, pillow, and tent, but you supply the sleeping bag.  On the Bryce Traverse and Zion-Bryce Traverse, no sleeping bag is needed.

What are the sleeping accommodations at camp on the multi-day runs?

We have large tents that are divided into 3 rooms, each with an individual entrance.  Each person gets a private “room” in a tent, a cot, mattress, and a pillow.  Bring your own sleeping bag.  We’ll serve you dinner and breakfast and have your bed set up and waiting for you at the end of the day.  We’ll also have portable camp showers available for runners to wash off in at the end of the day.

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