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Trip Reports/Testimonials

Have a look at what runners are saying about their CrewMyRun experience:

Click here to see a video that one of the runners put together.  Thanks, Slater!

Here’s another video with some footage from last summer.

“Anyone looking for the ultimate fully supported running adventure check out Crew My Run’s website. Just ran the stunning Wonderland trail around Mount Rainier in 3 days with Crew My Run providing support and logistics. They did an amazing job looking after us weary runners each day providing delicious meals, cold beer and even a portable shower with solar heated water. Can’t say enough about what a great job they did and I highly recommend Crew My Run.”-Ferg Hawke- White Rock, B.C., Canada

“ set up this event for us and did the most amazing job of supporting us with shuttling our camping equipment, making amazing breakfasts and dinners and taking us to and from the airport. We could not have done this run and had this much fun without them. Thanks!” -Joshua Malpass- Irvine, CA

“I was fortunate to run the Wonderland Trail this past weekend. The Wonderland Trail circumvents Mt. Rainier and is approx 93 miles long. Our group of 7 ran it in 3 days (Friday thru Sunday). What an awesome trip! The scenery was unreal and we had perfect weather all 3 days. No rain…can you believe it? Crew My Run fixed us breakfast, hauled all of our stuff to the next campsite and had dinner waiting for us. I highly recommend crewmyrun.” -Carol Gerber- Denver, Colorado

A huge THANKS for an awesome day! I have spent hours and hours and thousands of miles running the trails of Southern Utah but for some reason had never made it to Bryce. Right from the lookout at the start I realized I had been missing something. The beauty at times was literally breathtaking and brought me to tears. It seemed the trails were in perfect condition the whole way. Everything seemed to click on that run and I’m sure it was because of the whole CREW MY RUN experience. The scenery seemed just a little more beautiful, the trail just a little softer, the companionship just a little sweeter because we were made to feel so privileged! There is a big difference between looking forward to an aid station and having the aid station basically looking for you. Each time we saw you and your crew you made us feel like we were somehow doing you a favor, you went WAY out of your way to make sure our needs we’re met while capturing the whole experience on film. I remember thinking this is how those elite runners must feel! I hope to be able to join CREW MY RUN for many runs to come. Thanks again, and Happy Trails, Carol Manwaring

Worry-free trail hiking and running! That’s what these guys do, and it’s amazing. It was really nice to pick an area, then run it without worrying about the details. They not only had all of the supplies we needed, they also told us what type of clothes we needed. And they knew the trails, so they told us what to expect during each section. It was a blast, and I highly recommend Crewmyrun.
Keen Ellsworth

I recently ran the Trans-Zion with the support of 
CrewMyRun. While this run might be possible without the help of an experienced local crew, it would be an extremely difficult endeavor. No
amount of research on the trail conditions, access roads, and local weather could replace having professional and highly competent runners
taking care of your every need. From the morning ride to the trailhead through the superbly stocked aid stations and the ride back to the hotel, there was no way the experience could have been better
supported. You people really know what you are doing.
JM, Salt Lake City, UT



“Three of us ran the Zion Traverse with the support of CrewMyRun, and we highly recommend it. It could have been a logistical nightmare, but Crew My Run allowed us to focus on and enjoy the running and the scenery. I also recommend Chad’s Banana and Nutella Burrito and the local Polygamy Porter (Why have just one?).”
Ed Markham
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